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Welcome to Loan Star Jewellery & Loans

We are a pawn shop in Edmonton that specializes in working with clients who do not usually find themselves in need of our services. Whether you need to borrow money on your jewellery or TV, or are looking to purchase a new musical instrument or current electronics, our reputation has always been one of RESPECT, PROFESSIONALISM, and DISCREET SERVICE. Our sales floor is well organized, clean and fairly priced, and our service is second to none. 

We buy and sell:

And more!

We promise you a fair price and a firm deal. Our combined decades of experience means that we are always at the top of our game and on top of fair market values. We know how hard you work for your cash – we’ll give you the best deal we can.

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Definitely the brightest if not the cleanest Ive ever been into. A wide selection of guitars which I wasn't looking for but tons of jewelry which I was.

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