A Quick Guide to Surviving Summer Festivals

Summer is officially upon us and with it comes summer festivals. These multi-day events are easily some of the most fun you can have when the weather’s warm, but they can quickly go south if you aren’t prepared. Here are a few dos and don’ts to help you make the most of the festival season.

Do: Have a Plan

Planning your summer festival is extremely important. You need to think about everything ahead of time, including what you’re bringing, letting people know where you are and transportation. Be sure you arrive at the festival with the things you need, including cash. Don’t expect food or souvenir vendors to have debit machines. Don’t forget your sunscreen.

Don’t: Plan too Much

The enemy of festivals is itineraries. While you should be prepared for the festival, don’t load your schedule with back-to-back activities. Have some fun, enjoy the moment and take some time to just hang out with the people at the party. Summer festivals are about bringing people together who have similar interests. Be sure to take some time to appreciate what’s happening around you.

Do: Bring Snacks

If you have ever travelled with another person, you’ve probably discovered firsthand what “hangry” means. Basically it’s when we turn into toddlers when we’re hungry, becoming irritable, grumpy, and, most importantly for summer festivals, not fun. The best remedy for keeping up your energy all day is to have some snacks with you. Maybe pack a few for your friends too, so they won’t get hangry either.

Don’t: Bring Nice Things

Your favourite clothes probably won’t last through a festival weekend. Your other items won’t either, since they’ll most likely be stored in an unlocked tent, open to everyone around you. Instead of trying to look fabulous and be surrounded by your electronics, only bring the stuff you really need, and things you won’t mind getting dirty, muddy, or ripped. (Not every festival site has showers.).

Do: Have a Buddy

The buddy system isn’t just for kids. Having a friend you can count on is extremely important. They’ll not only help you have a good time, but they’ll be there if something, or someone, gets in the way of your good time. Besides, festivals are more fun when you are rocking out with a likeminded friend.

Don’t: Get Carried Away

It’s important to have your head about you. Be sure to enjoy everything moderation, not excess, and take care of yourself. Try to keep your drinking to a minimum. Getting blackout drunk is no way to enjoy the music; and who needs a hangover during a festival?

Summer festivals are great if you’re prepared. Take a few moments beforehand to ensure you can rock out all weekend long.

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