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Are you a gamer in Edmonton? If you’re looking for a trusted spot to buy used Video Game Consoles at a discount in Edmonton, you’ve found it. Today, we’re sharing an interesting history on video game consoles!

Video gaming consoles have a long and interesting history, which can be divided into 2 eras: before 1983 and after 1983. That year is significant in the gaming industry because it represented a ‘crash.’ At the time, inferior hardware and unplayable games had flooded the market and consumers responded by heading to the arcades instead of buying home consoles. How the gaming world responded changed gaming and offers a powerful look into how technology has changed since then.

Comeback Consoles: Video Game Consoles from 1985 – 1996

Following the bust of 1983, many video companies filed for bankruptcy and dropped out of the video game market entirely. With the large restructuring of the industry, two companies managed to bring something new and revitalize interest in console gaming: Nintendo, who released their famous NES console in North America in 1985, and Sega, who released their Master System the same year. These two companies would lead the video game console industry for the next nine years, until Sony released their first PlayStation in 1994.

This period of video game consoles was dominated by the rivalry between Nintendo and Sega, personified through their mascots Mario the Plumber and Sonic the Hedgehog. Each had a number of franchises that spun out from their main titles and each garnered customer loyalty primarily through the characters they cultivated.

This was also a period of substantial creative growth for console video games and the first appearance of franchises that are still flagships to this day, such as Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, and Phantasy Star. Gaming also began to move off the television screen and onto portable devices, including the Game Gear and Gameboy from Sega and Nintendo respectively.

Beyond the TV Screen: Video Game Consoles from 1998 – Now

The video game industry took another major turn in 1998, when a little thing called “the Internet” started to change how we game. Curiously enough, this major development came from Sega’s last console, called the Sega Dreamcast. It came with a built-in modem that allowed players to connect online. While the system itself was very limited, gaining access to the Internet changed games completely and the next generation of consoles began to incorporate online interactivity into their systems.

Since 1998, video games changed from a fairly isolated or localized experience into something else entirely. Nowadays, players can compete or cooperate across the globe, buy entire games by downloading them directly to their consoles, and video games like Pokemon Go are changing how we think about gaming as home, or even personal, experiences.

This period also changed how we play games, especially with the release of Nintendo’s Wii in 2006. Instead of a standard controller, the Wii came with motion-sensitive remotes, and the now-famous ‘nunchuck.’ The new way to game proved extremely popular for almost every age demographic and saved Nintendo from a similar fate as Sega, which had moved completely into software development after the Dreamcast performed poorly. Sony and Microsoft responded with their own controllers and motion-sensing devices, to mixed success, and today Playstation is making headway into virtual reality with its own virtual headset, Playstation VR.

Despite personal computers being able to run games with better graphics, consoles remain one of the world’s most popular ways to game! With new technology coming out all the time, it can be difficult to find the system or games you may be looking for. The reward, however, can be in the hunt and heading out to find vintage game consoles and games can not only be a lot of fun, it can be one of the most affordable ways to play!

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How To Easily Choose the Best Used Video Game Console in Edmonton

5 Fun and Popular Used Video Games We’ve Had For Sale

Ready to Get Your (Video) Game On?

Check out this exciting list of used video games that we’ve had for sale in our Edmonton Pawn Shop!

1. Far Cry Primal

Like Primal’s previous video games, Far Cry Primal allows you to explore vast and imaginative worlds in any way you look. Set to release in February of 2016, Far Cry Primal is a bit of a new – well, actually old – take on the previous Primal games. Indeed, there are no modern weapons or vehicles in Far Cry Primal. Instead, you play the role of beast-master and prehistoric survivor, getting in touch with nature and learning how to use primitive tools in order to brave the elements and fight off predators and enemies.

2. The Legend of Zelda Wii U

Zelda Wii U is one of the most anticipated video games of 2016, even though gamers know so little about it. We know that it’s set in a vibrant, lush world, and Zelda’s classic bow and arrow seems to have gotten something of an upgrade. Other than that, we’re in the dark! The mystery surrounding this game has made it one of the most anticipated of 2016.

3. Street Fighter 5

The classic fighter game underwent a transformation in 2008 with Street Fighter 4. Street Fighter 5 promises to be no less exciting than its prequel, with new moves and new designs. Get ready to kick (and punch and generally demolish) the competition in the newest game of the Street Fighter series.

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4. Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

Anyone over the age of – well, never mind – remembers playing Mario and Luigi games until their eyes practically bled. Well, this addition to our list of popular used video games is no exception!

These early Nintendo games are still some of the best, most creative and most addictive games ever created. With 2016’s Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, the old boys are back at it again. In this RPG game, both Mario role-playing universes (Paper Mario and the Mario & Luigi games) are combined for some old (yet new) school action! Definitely a game to watch out for in 2016.

5. Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight is an indie game that was completely crowdfunded. In other words, gamers wanted this game so badly that they actually helped pay for its creation! The most unique part of this game is that, unlike the majority of modern games, the visuals of this game are not hyper-realistic but rather combine old and new animation styles for a look that is at once retro and intricate. This game is smart, witty, and action-packed, and has a complete unique soundtrack that is reminiscent of the video games of the 80’s. Shovel Knight is set to release on consoles in November. Get ready for some retro fun!

These are just five of the most fun and popular video games of 2016 that we’ve seen come through our pawn shop, but there are many more new and exciting games that gamers love, too.

Whatever your video gaming console preference is, there is sure to be a game for you at our shop, as there are many new exciting used video games sure to be on our shelves soon.

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More Interesting Stuff About Video Game Consoles

Bet Ya Didn’t Know That: The Interesting History of Video Gaming Consoles

How To Easily Choose the Best Used Video Game Console

cheap used video game consolesChoosing A Used Video Game Console

Finding the perfect used video game console may not seem like an easy task with updated systems and add-ons coming out every few years.

Will all of the different options, how do you know which system is right for you?

First, consider what you are looking for in a used video game console; are you looking for all the bells and whistles, or something you can pop a disk in and off you go?

Gamers looking for the latest and greatest are limited in choices, between the PS4 and the Xbox One, each with their own set of features.

The Xbox One

The Xbox One is a great choice for everyone from hardcore to casual gamers. Featuring abilities ranging from voice recognition to in game TV this system has the ability to Kinect your whole entertainment system together. Xbox still offers the biggest online gaming experience however as in previous systems it is still a paid service.

The PS4

The PS4 is a great choice for casual gamers looking to save a bit of cash, as their online apps are free to use. The PS4 also features rechargeable controllers, and the ability to stream directly to Twitch. The game selection is similar to that of the Xbox One and typically features more mature content.

Nintendo Wii

Even the Nintendo Wii was first released almost 10 years ago it still remains a staple at parties. The arcade style games that are often updates of childhood favorites, and the emphasis on multiplayer make it a great video game console to have a few beers with friends over. Also featuring less mature content this system is great for kids. The wireless remote for the system helps making the gaming experience more interactive as it enables motion based play.

PS3 and Xbox 360

Even though they have been updated, the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 are good choices for gamers on a budget. The PS3 features a built in Blue Ray player and free access to apps, unlike the Xbox 360 which requires an Xbox Live subscription before you can even access your Netflix account.

Both of these game consoles feature a wide range of games that can often be found for cheap.

Buying a used video game console instead of new can save you some major cash, so it’s the obvious choice!

More Interesting Stuff About Video Game Consoles

5 Fun and Popular Used Video Games We’ve Had For Sale

Bet Ya Didn’t Know That: The Interesting History of Video Gaming Consoles

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