How To Buy Beautiful Gold Jewelry When You Don’t Have Cash

Come by our shop and browse our selection of jewelry. When you find that perfect piece, let us know you’d like to buy it on our layaway plan.

We take 20% of the total cost of the item as a down payment.

We’ll also take the item off our shelf and set it aside for you. After that we’ll set up a monthly schedule, where you pay 20% of the total cost of the item each month. Then at Christmas when the item is paid in full, we’ll give it to you so you can really wow that special someone.

Benefits of a Layaway Plan

We all know sometimes it can be hard to afford the gifts your loved ones deserve. By making easy monthly payments, you can free up room in your budget.

Layaway plans don’t build interest, unlike a credit card.

With layaway you’ll pay the price of the item and that’s it. Buying an item on a credit card before you can afford to pay in full can cause the costs of the item to sky rocket with never ending interest payments. With layaway you’ll save money.

Finding the gift for someone special can be a real challenge. Especially when it feels like everything has already been picked over and you’re forced to settle for something less than perfect. By doing your shopping early you can find that perfect piece for that special someone before everyone else.

No credit card? No problem! We take cash, debit and credit for our layaway plans.

Call us today for more information on our jewelry layaway plan!

I bought a ring for my wife here today and i gotta tell you, you couldn't tell the difference between the one I bought and a new one. Except for the price!!!! I paid $950.00 for a half carat diamond ring that I could not find at a retail jeweller for less than $2500.00. You also didn't feel like you were in a pawnshop. Very professional layout.

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