Meet the Team

We’re more than just gold buyers – but we sure are dedicated to a fair price and a firm deal.


Paul has been part of the pawn industry for 22 years, and has loved going to work every single day of them.  In that time there is probably not much he hasn’t seen or heard, so if you need an answer to a question, he probably has the answer.  Always pushing to bring the perception of our industry out of the dark ages, Paul likes to obtain new and interesting items, and loves it even more when he finds the right home for them. Paul is almost always kicking around the pawn shop, waiting for someone to talk to.


Micheal has also been in the pawn business for over 20 years. He is our version of “the old man”. He is literally our go to guy when it comes to gold buying, diamonds and jewellery. Whether it’s finding that special piece for someone or determining a fair and appropriate price for your jewellery, Micheal is always ready to help.  Just don’t ask him to smile!! Micheal works A.M shift Mon-Fri and every second Saturday.


Where do you start with Kyle?  He’s from Saskatchewan, and he always wears black. We’re pretty sure those two things ARE related!  Another interesting fact about Kyle is that he loves talking about guitars. He can’t play them, but loves them none the less. Always thought of as very fair and approachable, Kyle is probably the only member of the staff anyone would consider “laid back”. An aspiring artist in the pop -art genre, Kyle works Tuesday thru Sunday.


While she may be our newest staff member, Amanda has been around the pawn industry most of her life. She sold her first piece of jewellery at the ripe old age of 8! Learning the business beside her Dad (one of the old guys kickin’ around this place), she fits right in! Our clients say she is the most pleasant staff member to deal with, but certainly no pushover! You can find her here Monday, Tuesday and Thursday to Saturday.

“Low interest, understanding and super friendly staff. Probably the most professional pawn shop in the city. They are educated and know what they are doing.”

- T Richards
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