The 3 Most Commonly Pawned Items + 3 Most Unusual Ones

We love answering customer questions because everyone seems so interested in the pawn business these days (we lovingly blame those guys on TV!) This is a question we seem to get a lot: What Are the Most Commonly Pawned Items? There are a lot of different items brought through our shop, but we definitely have a few categories that top the list.

1. Jewellery: As expected, jewellery tops our list. We buy and sell a large amount of gold and jewellery.  People bring in jewellery for several reasons:

  • it is one of the most valuable items they own;
  • it was given to them by someone they no longer have a relationship with;
  • they have too  much and won’t miss it!

We love to see jewellery come in because it gives our buying customers more selection, and we get the chance to sell some really cool pieces at a fantastic price!

2. Power Tools: We know this sounds kind of weird to some people, but barely used power tools can bring you some quick cash and be resold at a great price. If you’re ever in the market for a power tool you may want to give us a call before you head out to the big home stores as we have quite the selection of power tools! Drills, saws, planers, sanders, rotary tools… you name it, we may have it.

3. Guitars & Musical Equipment:  If you’re just starting out as a musician or you’re looking for something unique, we have a fantastic selection of musical instruments. People come through here with classic guitars, barely played drum kits and gently used amps.  On a good day we carry Fender, Ibanez, Gibson and more. We guarantee the quality of these – we ahve some high quality pieces.

Aside from the top 3 most commonly pawned items, we also get some very unique pawns as well (which are pretty cool.) Some of the neatest things that have come through our door are:  uncut sheets of money, rolls of silver dollars from the fifties and sixties, and Cartier alarm clocks.

You just never know what you’ll find here at Loan Star. Call us to see what came in today…

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