Spring Jewelry Trends in Gold and Silver

Jewelry is an essential part of everyone’s wardrobe. It can accentuate your natural beauty and bring extra zest to any outfit. There are a lot of options for gold and silver jewelry and trends change every year and every season, just as they do with clothing. Before you spend a lot of money on a new piece of jewelry you should know if it is on point for this season. Here are some of the biggest trends you will see with gold and silver jewelry in 2016.

Stacking / Layering Pieces

One big trend you will see in with gold and silver jewelry are delicate pieces that you can layer together. Think bangles, dainty rings, even necklaces that you can pile on without the overall look being too “heavy” or overdone.

Oversized Earrings

Large, elaborate earrings that make a statement will be seen a lot this year. You will find them in all sorts of styles too from hoops, geometric shapes, and even nature-inspired floral pieces

Chunky Necklaces

You will also find a lot of chunky necklaces made from gold and silver. You’ll see industrial looking chains, thick chokers, and fringed pieces. We definitely recommend only wearing one chunky piece at a time to avoid over accessorizing.


Another attractive trend you will see with gold and silver jewelry is asymmetry. Asymmetry is very visually interesting and you will probably enjoy a lot of compliments on these statement pieces!

Arm and Ear Cuffs

Edgy and at the same time very chic, gold and silver arm and ear cuffs can be a great way to add a little attitude to your look. It can be a great way to show off your individuality when you must dress more conservatively or wear a uniform.

Jewelry Made With Rose Gold

Rose gold looks amazing on most skin types which is why it’s become so popular over the last couple of years. You can see bangles, rings, bracelets, and watches all made from this beautiful metal.

Semi-Precious Stones

In this struggling economy, forget handing over a bunch of money for expensive stones! The best part is, you don’t have to. Instead, choose to put semi-precious stones in your gold and silver jewelry. Cubic zirconia, amethyst, garnets, opals, and onyx are stunning and will open up a world of design options. You can also opt for lab manufactured gems. It’s nearly impossible to tell these gems from mined stones, except when it comes to the price tag.

Have fun with your style

Trends are great, but the most important thing is to choose pieces of jewelry that you love and will be proud to wear. We have a great selection of affordable jewelry and other items in our discreet, upscale pawn shop.

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