The Top 4 Items to Pawn for Quick Cash


If you are looking to raise a little money very quickly, you can still turn to your local pawn shop. These stores are the perfect place to unload your unwanted items, but they will often only pay top dollar for the things they know will sell. So if you are looking to make some quick cash, consider selling these items at your local pawn shop.

Precious Metals, Diamonds & Gems

Most pawn shops are also in the gold and silver business, meaning they will buy your gold, silver, diamonds, platinum and other things simply for their weight in that precious metal. So if you have jewelry (or gold bars) lying around the house, these items will often fetch a surprisingly high value at most pawn shops.

Just be aware that most of the items you sell to a pawn shop will be melted down and used for new things, especially if the pawn shop has a good relationship with a local precious metal and diamond exchange. So if you have old heirloom pieces that you hope will end up as someone’s next favourite accessory, this is probably not what will happen. Less so with diamonds and gems, but most certainly with gold and silver.


Everybody needs a good watch and many fashionable people still turn to pawn shops for unique and beautiful timepieces. If you have some watches that you no longer use, you may be able to make a pretty penny off them at your local pawn shop.

In general, pawn shops are not looking for your battered Casio digital that you wore when it was in fashion in the eighties. They are interested in higher-end brands and watches that are meant for looking good and telling the time. Rolexes remain the standard but other brands may fetch you a surprising amount of money, too.

Power Tools

Power tools in good working order won’t make you rich for pawning, but they remain a consistent source of decent money. Take them in and see what you can get, just make sure they are working well. Maybe give them a bit of a cleaning as well, so they look even more enticing.


Yes, even your outdated electronics could be something a pawn shop is looking for. Not your old television set, but if you have old video game systems lying around, your local pawn shop may be very interested. Smartphones are also popular pawn shop items since brand new ones can cost upwards of a thousand dollars while even the second-latest model can run for a quarter of that.

When selling items to pawn shops, it is important to consider what would be in local demand. Since almost all of these stores work on a local level, they are often after things that people in the area look for. It doesn’t hurt to go into a pawn shop and ask what people are buying and what the shop owners are looking for, but the above items are generally in high demand all over, meaning they are perfect for anyone looking to raise a little cash in a hurry.

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