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Edmonton Gold and Jewellery Buying

We pay up to 80% of current spot price for any type of precious metal and jewellery.  If you’re looking for Edmonton gold buyers or jewellery buyers, you’ll want to check out our prices.


Anywhere you look on the internet, you’ll find companies that say they pay top dollar… only to find out they only pay for a certain quality or size of diamond. Loan Star pays for all diamonds, regardless of size or quality. We’ll even show you the current market price of precious metals and diamonds.

There are no secrets here – we will give you a fair price.

Call us today for more info on our gold & jewellery buying services.


Why-LoanstarThe better question should be, WHY NOT!!


The folks at Loan Star have a combined 45 + years of pawnbroker experience. We may not look it, but some of us are pretty old!!!

With all of this experience hanging around, there’s a good chance you’ll be dealing with someone who knows what they are talking about!! There are so many reasons to deal with us, it’s kinda hard to find a reason NOT TO!! We don’t lie to you and we don’t try to steal your stuff from you.

We are Edmonton‘s Only True “Discount” Pawn Shop

Nobody charges you less than we do, and our rates have not changed since 1989.

The following list is an example of some of the discounts we offer :

• Long term discount.
• Larger loan discount.
• Active military and spouses.
• Senior citizens.

We charge an average of 20-40% less than our fellow pawnbrokers, with much better service.

This is probably the cleanest pawnshop you'll ever enter. All items are neatly displayed as well as priced. the staff seem freindly and very helpfully.
i would highly recommend visiting you won't be disappointed.

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